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Hello My pet, I am Mistress Arden. I know you long
for a strong mature woman to control you, to tell you what to do,
to evaluate what a pathetic pervert you really are. Do you even know how
to please a woman? Or a man? I will teach you.

Maybe your little dicky can't even be felt by the pussies
you've tried to fuck. Let's face it, if your sex life is so great, why are you here?
I will tell you why – because you are a bitch! A loser! A submissive pussy-boy
or a sissy man-girl. You probably have on some skank's dirty panties right
now that you stole from the laundromat. Did you lick out the skid
marks yet? Ha, what a nasty loser you are.

I will judge you and I will tell you what you are good for ...
whether you're worth training as a sex slave, a foot stool, a cum-guzzling
sissy, a sexless eunuch, a house maid, a toilet bowl, an ashtray ...
I'm sure you're good for something.

My specialties include, but are not limited to:
• Laughing My ass off at your pathetic self
• Making fun of your tiny cock, and most likely your
tiny brain (you better not cum here with a tiny wallet)
• Toilet Training • Cuckold • Spankings • CBT • Humiliation
• Making you fuck your man-pussy with whatever is available
• Making you suck a cock and then eat cum • GS • Enemas
• Telling Me your secrets and blackmail • Licking My Temple
• Taking your money • Milking your balls • Pimping you out
• Cleaning My body and shoes with your tongue
• Mashing your balls under my high heels

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