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Hello Pathetic Bitches, welcome to My world of pleasure,
and pain. I own your body, mind and soul and I will do as I please
to gratify My sadistic urges. YOU WILL OBEY, OR YOU WILL
PAY with humiliation and pain. The only mercy I may offer you is
to let you lick My BIG strap-on before I shove it up your flabby,
useless ass. Do you want to taste the cream from My perfect
pussy? Get real you Pathetic, ass licker. The only cream
you will taste is from your own tiny cock.

I love to use candles and let the wax burn your cock
and balls, and then peal it off with a butter knife. I may make
you get some BenGay and stroke your stupid wang with it so you
can feel the BURN. You will do Everything I demand. You may
be My personal toilet if I chose.

I will dress you up and pimp you out like the whore
you are and wanna be. I may make you go outside dressed up
in your sissy girl outfit for all your neighbors to see. Or
maybe I'll give your cock and balls torture. When you dare
to call Me, be prepared with any toys or objects that you want
to use on your Stinky Asshole. Do not make me wait, or
ask you twice to get them.

Be a good boy, and I will let you lick my ass while
I am fucking a real man. Whine or disobey, and I will take My
bad day out on you! I will take you to get Gang Banged by all My
Biker friends, and believe me, you DON’T want that to happen to
you. Your ass will be used and abused until it bleeds.

If you desire a Sadistic Dominatrix to explore your
wildest, darkest fantasies, whatever they are, I will embrace
them with you. If you think you can handle the darkness I
will rain down on you, then call Me, but you better be
prepared to take it like a bitch.

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