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Hello, pretty little man-slut. I admire your balls –
it takes a lot of them to walk into Mistress Grace’s dungeon,
and trust Me, you won’t need them anymore. Your position here is
secured not by the fact that you have a dick, but rather that you
possess a he-pussy. I can’t wait to see the look on your face when you
see the size of My big, black strap-on. They say size doesn’t matter,
but trust Me – when it’s my cock in your man-gina, it will
matter to you. And yet you still won’t be able to get enough of it,
for the whore you are at heart will come out whether
you like it or not.

I can see that he-whore lurking behind your eyes
right now, in fact … I will make you beg Me to pimp you out
in one of my favorite BDSM clubs; plead with me to bring one of My
Dominatrix friends for you to please; I’ll fuck any number of My
boyfriends before your eyes, and over your face, and then make you
clean My beautiful pussy with your tongue, before I make
you into My toilet or My ashtray.

I am a real-life Dominatrix, pussyboy, and I
specialize in the following: cuckolding; tease and denial; whipping;
spanking; golden showers; knife play; breath play; blood play; brown
showers; forced feminization; forced transformation/surgical;
medical play; forced bi; forced oral; pimping; businessmen stripped
and whipped; sweet panty punishment; and much, much
more than you can handle … trust Me.

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