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Could you imagine playing with this little Kitty?
Sweet little kitty Kat? Ha, I think NOT. I am more like a very
hungry cheetah ... or a black panther ready to pounce on Her prey.
And you, the mere little lap dog clamoring, begging for your life!

So, with these wicked eyes and these sharp claws,
I circle My submissive prey ... I watch you shake, and beg Me
with your entire being not to be devoured. I start to think, maybe this
could be a nice little plaything, a toy so to speak ... something I may
torture close to the edge and really enjoy before I devour it!

Yes, that is what this black leather clad Mystress
will do with you ... you shall be My perfect little pet to play with ...
only the games I like to play you might consider harsh ... maybe extreme ...
who knows? The one thing you will know is that you have entered My
cage, and you will live, eat and breathe only for Me! Your enslavement is
totally and completely up to Me ... so, it is time for this little Pet to
think of how much he wants to live ... and what he is willing to do for
such a gift ... I have saved your life, and you will beg Me for continued
protection from all others who may prey upon you! What will
you be willing to do??? (evil grin)

My specialties include, but are not limited to:
Cuckhold Advice & Stories
Strap-on Training
Tease & Denial
All Types of Cock Control
Feminization / Sissification
Erotic Humiliation
Gloryhole Pimping
Panty Boys
Slut Training
All Submisive Role-playing

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