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Do you know who I am?
I am a real-life BDSM lifestyler.
A true Domina.

"Bitch, shut up and suck My strap-on!"
Your cock, your mind and your ass belong to Me.
You are here for My fucking amusement.
So put your Prince Albert in and call Me now.

Remember to address Me as the Madam
that I am. Remember your place, you are My
subservient. Bow down and kiss My feet,
lick My boots and kiss My single-tip.

Your pain, your humiliation,
your dick decrement is My hobby.

Toys of choice:
• Electroplay • Floggers • Chains •
• Ropes • Single-tips • Switches •
• Belts • Cages • Prince Alberts •
• Parachutes • C&B Weights •

And I might use your mouth
as a fluffer for the fun of it. I specialize
in a lot of things, but what I master in
is ruining your vanilla life.


Human Ashtray
Sissy Maid Training
Orgasm Control
Forced Feminization
Golden Showers
Strap-on Dildo

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