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I'm Mistress Lucille and I just love My big black cock. You might look at it and say thats just a dildo or just a plastic cock and you're right about that. But My big black strap-on is so much more. You can't take your eyes off of it and it's at least twice as big as your pathetic little thing you call a weenie. Your dirty pussy hole is starting to quiver in anticipation. Just to let you know, in My world, you're just a the little sissy bitch and I am your Strap-on Queen. You're going to beg to suck My big black cock while I stand in front of you and stroke it. I am going to tease you and taunt you with My big black love gun. And you will beg Me, plead with Me and even grovel for My fat dick. I am going to fuck your slutty mouth until My fat black cock is dripping with your spit. Then before you know it, you are going to get up on your hands and knees and beg Me to take you like the dirty bitch you are!
I am strong and demanding. Don't be fooled by My sexy looks, I am as dirty and deviant as they come. I know how to use sex, or in your case, the tease of sex, to get what I want and deserve. We both know that no price is too high for the privilege of you being on your knees ready to worship My perfect, sweet, ass. I'll turn you into a groveling money pig as I rape your wallet over and over again. The things you'll learn to do for a sniff of My panties. Be careful what you wish for, you might find yourself wearing them in front of Me and all My friends. You'll kiss My dirty feet and suck my toes. You'll beg to be My disgusting pervert.
Just to let you know, My last little fuck weed told me I fucked like a man. Of course I fuck like a man, I may have a plastic cock, but it is My Cock. So what on earth are you waiting for little bitch boy? Get your toys and lube ready. You've never had strap-on phone sex like I’m going to give you before. This is not your typical phone sex, as a matter of fact, there may likely be no sex at all. I might let you kiss My ass and, if you're able to pay My "cum tax", you may even be given the privilege of humping a pillow until you get My permission to let that nasty goo drain on the floor. Now you will lick it up for Me. I love the following things, and you better love them to. You have My permission to try and get a hold of Me anytime.

• Small Cocks • Smoking Fetish • Human Ashtray • Cuckolds •
• Sissification • Forced Fem • Rubber Fetish • Financial Domination •
• Spanking • Strap-on Dildos • Golden Showers • Tease & Denial •
• Humiliation • Foot Fetish •

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