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Hello all you little fem sluts~My name is
Madam Maybell. Remember it, you will be using it often~
I am a LIFESTYLE Mistress~I have 2 slaves of My own in real
time~And now I’m looking for more to amuse Me and entertain Me
on the phone and in cyber~My specialties are many, developed
through years of real world training sessions from which I have
since retired~Some of My skills are: Sissy Training, Bondage and
Discipline, Cock & Ball Bondage and Torture, Dildo Training, Pussy
and Foot Worship, Forced Feminization, Role-Playing, Spanking,
Orgasm Control/Denial, Forced Cum Consumption, Lots
of Financial Domination, Humiliation.

I have numerous expectations of My submissive for our
session~Come both equipped physically with whatever toys
and props you wish to use for our session~I have a beautiful body
for my age and if you don’t think so, FUCK YOU.

My slaves are here to care for their Madam, are you
looking to be trained to serve? There is one way of Life, “My
Way“~You should never question Me or anything I order you
to do~I do hope you understand My rules.

You don’t cum until you have begged Me to do so~And only
if it pleases Me will I allow you to cum~Are you looking for discipline,
do you wish to have Madam use you as her own private toy? Oh
I know how to use naughty boys, I will force fem you. Do you need to
be told what to do? You will do as I tell you~Then once I feel you have
proved yourself to be a true nasty boy, I will allow you to suck and
feel my 10 inch strap-on in your pathetic dirty asshole.

I bet you have been a BAD BOY who needs to be Punished~
Your tiny Balls all tied up and ready for whatever Madame decides
to do to you~I will train your cock to cum on command.~You will be
punished and forced to masturbate over and over again for My
amusement~Experience phone sex or cyber sex with Madame
Maybell~I am ready to role play ANY fantasy. Dominant Bitch
Mistress, Sensual Goddess, Strap-on Queen, Force Fantasies, Incest
Fantasies, Hardcore Anal Sex & Oral Sex, Financial Domination,
or any other weird or degrading fantasy you have~
Madam Maybell is always looking for new sluts, slaves, sissies,
losers and naughty fuck boys for My fun and amusement.

OK , lets get REAL, are you ready to become addicted?
Are you prepared to hear My voice, My giggle, My sensual,
oh so sensual, commands~Many men have succumbed before you~
So if you are convinced you could handle all My commands~If you
DO have it inside of your little head that maybe, just maybe
you could make it work~then I suggest you bring it on~I suggest
you dial my number and see if I answer~I enjoy punishing business
men with anal training, small cock humiliation, tease and
denial, and financial ruin.

Call me strict! I don’t care, I will blind fold you, fuck your ass
with My strap-on and make you become a pathetic submissive slut
under My control, you will become so weak in the kness you will have
to call Me over and over again~I will be waiting for your pathetic
call anytime after 11am up until midnight pacific time. Don’t you
Dare call Me if you're going to chicken out and hang up,
I’ll call you back and then you WILL be sorry!

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