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Hello My little pathetic excuse for a man.
In My crystal ball I see that you have no life, a small penis,
and are a big fat failure. You are Damned to punishment
My ''little'' maggot fuck.

So here you're seeking entry into My sick world hoping
I will listen to your sick fuck fantasies. You know, those dreams
that you have at night while creaming your ''little'' boy undies
with the wifey that you have not fucked for months lying
next to you. Yes, she is so desperate for a real dick to
penetrate her wet cunt, a real dick that
you do not have.

I will take My strap-on and instruct you on how
a real man should fuck a pussy. I will also be demonstrating
on your ass-cunt. Yes I also see you have been fantasizing
about taking it in your ass-cunt like a sissy faggot.
Time to hear what laughter you girly pieces
of shit induce from me.

Come in with Me for your fate – for you have been
condemned to Hell, yes, My Hell – Mistress Mayhem's Asylum.
Enter into My institution for the destitute and/or
sick, and especially the insane.

Do you enjoy public criticism or one-on-one
humiliation? Don't bother answering that, I make all of the
rules for you to abide by, you have no say in here. Always
refer to Me as Mistress and never interrupt Me while I am speaking.
I may not want to hear about your demented little fantasy,
be warned I do have taboos and I think you know who you are.
This may be Hell, but you need to go one floor up honey,
there is another floor just for you .

Financial domination gets this damned pussy off.
I will bring ruin to your financial status. I will use you as a
money slave until you do not have a penny left to show.
I can at anytime throw you out with not even an orgasm to show
for it. Before I cut you loose I will express My disgust and
annoyance you have brought Me, you will pathetically come
crawling back with more money to give Me showing
your obedience and appreciation.

• Sensual Domme • Strap-on  • Financial Domination
• Blackmail • Forced Masterbation • Feminization • Role-play
• Small Cock Mockery • Panty Boys • Cum Eating • Body Worship
• Teasing & Denial • Controlled Feminization • Cross-Dressing
• Humiliation • Spanking • Interracial • Controlled Cock Sucking
• Golden Showers • Loser Training • Cuckold

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