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My name is Mistress Mindfuck to you.
Why you ask? Because I will fuck your mind up so bad you
won't know if you're cuming or going. I am into telling you just what
kind of loser you are. I will make you get on your knees and beg Me to
let you stroke that pathetic little thing you call a weenier. I will make
you beg Me to let you worship Me. I love losers that want to worship My
body, there is nothing better than a little cocksucker sucking My toes,
kissing My ass, and begging Me to give them My golden
honey (I'm sure you know what I mean).

Some of the things I am into is humiliation,
small pathetic penis bashings, mind games, CBT, dumb
customer training, faggot/gloryhole training, financial fuckery and
anything that is hardcore. Nothing will shock Me and I get excited the
more fucked-up your fetish is. DO NOT call Me if you are wanting Me
to get off with you, this will not be happening! I am here to punish
your ass, whip you into shape and make you My BITCH.

DO NOT call Me if your looking for a date,
or if you're wanting My personal number. You will not get
anything personal from me except Humiliation, Pain and a yearning
for our next session. I strongly suggest that if you have toys or panties
or anything you want to use in our session, you gather them before
you call Me. I don't have time to waste sitting on the phone while
you get them. Now if you dare, get your crap and
your credit card and call Me.

I may use these things on your pathetic ass:
• CBT • Stap-ons • Whips • Rope • Handcuffs • Paddles •
• Candles • Pins & Needles • and whatever else I so desire •

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