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"Madam Paine is a Goddess in the truest sense of the
word ... She is demanding, confident and sometimes cruel,
but also caring and sensitive to the needs of those She controls.
She is beguiling, bewitching and beautiful, yet also deliciously
imaginative and often intoxicatingly cruel ... She is in so
many ways unlike any Woman I have even known and unlike
any Mistress I have ever had. It is truly a privilege
and an honor to serve Her." – Slave John

That is what you will be saying, to yourself and
others after we have spent some QUALITY time together.
Now that we know where we stand, let's get into what things
I enjoy, it's quite simple really ... Honesty, I want you to
tell Me all of your dirty little secrets, what you want from
our talks and what will make you cream in your panties
without Me lifting a finger. Let's face it, I am just here for you
to listen to, to hear the dulcet tones of My voice, for your
cock to twitch and throb when I say good boy ... That's
what really makes your little dick twitch.

I like listening to you moan and pant as you try
to hold back your orgasm when talking to Me, I know it's
hard, but you can use a bit of self restraint and keep that cum
to yourself until I say otherwise ... Can't you? Only pathetic
losers would cum in the first five minutes, and I hate it when My
time is wasted in such a way. We both know My time is more
valuable than yours. Are you able to hold an intelligent
conversation with Me, without wrapping your hand around
your cock as you listen to My smooth seductive voice?
We shall see! Now onto the fun stuff!

What can you endure?
CBT, Bondage, Nipple Torture, Piss Play, Forced
Feminization, Blackmail, Facesitting, Orgasm Denial,
Ashtray Play, Toiletbowl, Pony Play, Body Cleansing,
Role-play, the list goes on and on and on ...

Things I will not do: anything involving children, thats a
strict hard limit. I like to keep My play within the legals.

Enough now of the idle chit chat, call Me,
let's see what dirty naughty things we can get into ...
I am game, are you?

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